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11 Recipes For #NationalPancakeDay, That Prove Pancakes Are For More Than Just Maple Syrup

This morning our office was buzzing with excitement, for the best day of the year! The sweet, aromatic, smell of fluffy baked-goodness filled the air as we went to our morning meetings. 

By now, you’re probably checking your calendar wondering what you’re missing? It’s #NationalPancakeDay! Now that you’re already late to the party, that line at IHOP will be down the road, and your chances of getting pancakes are getting slimmer by the minute. Don’t worry though, at Dash we consider ourselves to be pancake experts. No diner or chain-restaurant needed!

The Dash Mini Griddle and the Dash Express Griddle 8-Inch are what pancake dreams are made of. With the different sizes, the possibilities are truly endless. Here are our top 11  must-tries:

  1. Basic Pancakes — For those of you that love the classics!

No pancake roundup could be complete without these classics. Just add syrup, and trust Martha Stewart, she knows what she’s doing. We just can’t help but wonder if she’s whipping these up for Snoop Dogg behind the scenes.

  1. Sun Dried Tomato Pesto & Chard — For when you’re feeling extra fancy. Cook these for your next house party, and brace yourself for all the people who will ask “when did you become a Michelin Star chef?”.
  1. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes — Enough said! These will give Cinnabon a run for their money, delivering that perfect cinnamon bun flavor in pancake form!
  2. Thin Mint Pancakes — Delicious even when it’s not girl scout cookie season.
These are a chocolatey sweet breakfast that truly shouldn’t count as breakfast. We’re always down to encourage panCAKEs for breakfast though.

  1. Carrot Chorizo Bellini — Pancakes, but make them savory & mini! Bellini’s are little pancakes. The only thing better than pancakes, are smaller pancakes. It’s just, facts.
  1. Curry Kimchi Pancakes — Sometimes it’s just too late to order take out. These savory pancakes will tickle your taste buds in all the right ways, giving you just the right amount of that kimchi kick!
  2.  4 Ingredient Protein Pancakes — Eat these post-workout!

Forget showering, your first move after that cardio interval training has to be towards the fridge. These are so easy, you can make them even if every muscle in your body is sore! Include them in your post-gym selfie and tag us!

8. Spaghetti Squash Pancakes — For when you’re craving a taste of fall. Spaghetti squash makes the best carb replacement in the world. You can quote us on that.

9.  Vegan Pancakes— For those of you that like to start the day GREEN (even when there’s no greens on your plate).

These pancakes defy the odds, they’re soft, fluffy, AND vegan. Trust us, your non-vegan friends will be none the wiser.

10.   Keto Pancakes — Because everyone needs a solid low-carb options every once in a while! For the days when you get sick of #chaffles. We’re not positive those days exist, but here’s this recipe just in case.

11.   IHOP Corn Cakes — Like we said, the line is just too long.

If you’re the person who’s still sad about the long IHOP line, say no more. If you want the best meal of your life? Add fried chicken!

Next time you griddle up one of your favorites, share it with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and use #unprocessyourfoods!  

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