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Our Missions

We believe that taking small steps every day to live a healthier life can have a big impact. And that the best path to wellness is eating whole, natural foods.  At Dash, we make products that make it easier for you to prepare and eat real food at home so that you can feel your best.  In the store, in your kitchen and online — We give you the tools and the support to make delicious healthy meals.

That’s what living unprocessed is all about.

We Believe Happiness is Homemade

Our Team

Alright, we admit it: judging by our portraits, we may have spent a teensy weensy bit too long among the blenders, juicers, air fryers and rice cookers. But we’re passionate about what we do and our New York-based team is excited about bringing the next big thing to your kitchen. We’re good people who love to cook and eat. Interested in becoming one of us?
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Dash Team Rachel
Dash Team Evan
Dash Team Cat
Dash Team Caitlin
Dash Team Marc
Dash Team
Dash Team Carter
Dash Team Elizabeth
Dash Team Emily
Dash Team Giselle
Dash Team Glenn
Dash Team Jenna
Dash Team Jim
Dash Team Joe
Dash Team Julian
Dash Team Slim

“We want to make it easy for people to bring meaningful change to the way that they cook and eat. At Dash, we believe in the adage ‘Let food be thy medicine’ and that the best way to do that is to cook at home.”



Our offices are located on Broad Street in lower Manhattan. If you’d like to get in touch with us about joining the team or other business-related inquiries, you can use the form below. For product questions or manual requests, please check out our Support page.

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