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Dash Rapid Cold Brew System


There’s so much we love about cold brew: from the smooth flavor, to the lower pH, we could wax lyrical about this caffeinated nectar of productivity. One thing we didn’t love though was the 12-24 hour laborious process of making cold brew coffee at home, so we decided to use technology to find a better way to brew.

Enter the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System. A completely new way to make cold brew faster and easier than ever before. Whether you’re making ready-to-drink cold brew or concentrate, our system makes it seamless. It’s like coffee magic. The Dash Rapid Cold Brew System is 288x faster than other products in the market, which use conventional brewing methods. You can also make cold brew concentrate that lasts for up to 10 days, effectively making a week’s worth of coffee in 5-15 minutes.

Dash Rapid Cold Brew System


Thanks to our proprietary patent-pending pump, we are able to create rapid circulation and achieve the same results you would get from the extraction of boiling, without any added heat.

The pump circulates water through the coffee matrix while the upper and lower filters in the coffee container keep the coffee grounds contained. This forces the water to permeate the structure of the grounds, thereby dissolving and extracting the flavorful coffee oils. The carafe holds 50 ounces of water, and after just 5 minutes, you will have about 42 ounces of smooth, delicious cold brew coffee. For cold brew concentrate, you can max out at upwards of 16 servings!

Dash Rapid Cold Brew System


Averaging 1 cup per day of cold brew at Starbucks, you can spend upwards of $1600 in a year. And that’s just 1 cup a day – we all know about those 2 and 3 cup days. So in a 2 person household, you could be spending $3200 a year on your cold brew. Using the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System, you can spend a mere $131 on cold brew annually. We did the math and the numbers did not lie. This means that from college students to busy families, our cold brew is more affordable without sacrificing quality.

Price Comparison

The Dash Rapid Cold Brew System represents more for us than great coffee. It represents less time waiting in coffee lines, and more time with family. It represents less money spent on a single cup, and more cash invested for traveling in the future. This isn’t just one product; the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System means more time spent doing what you love, and less time spent at the drive-through.


Cold brew vs. iced coffee –what’s the big deal? The lowdown is simple. Iced coffee is just coffee brewed hot, then cooled and poured over ice. Because brewing hot coffee can release bitter or acidic oils, iced coffee often has an undesirable flavor. Cold brew is the better-looking, more talented cousin of iced coffee.

Dash Rapid Cold Brew System

Traditionally, cold brew is coffee that has been steeped for a long period of time in cold water — usually 12-24 hours. Because the coffee beans never come in contact with heat, the coffee oils don’t react with boiling water and don’t develop that acidic, bitter coffee tang. The result is a richer cup of joe with a smoother finish that’s easy on your digestive system. Brewing your coffee with cold water results in 65-70% less acid than hot drip coffee or espresso, per part. And if you’re looking for a buzz, cold brew also contains more caffeine than regular coffee. Thank you cold brew! You can also reheat cold brew coffee and drink it hot. People with acid reflux who might not be able to drink regular coffee may find that hot cold brew is more tolerable to drink because of the lower pH.


We designed the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System to be more compact and to fit easily on the countertop and in small spaces like apartments and dorms.We’ve been working on this for more than a year. From the initial idea, to the working engineering prototype, to the industrial design, to product testing and tooling. We’ve made it our business to bring incredible products to life in record time. Our team has successfully manufactured and shipped hundreds of thousands of products. Our crowdfunded successes include products at the intersection of technology & home, such as the PancakeBot and the Sobro Coffee Table, a smart table with a refrigerator, bluetooth speakers, LED lights, charging ports and more.