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Ditch The Diet, Nourish Yourself With Nutrients

Ditch the Diet, Nourish Yourself with Nutrients

Goodbye diets, hello nutrients

With summer around the corner, the pressure is on to look our best. However, if you chose to religiously follow a diet to do so, we suggest you drop it.

When maintaining a healthy body, working out is the tough part and believe it or not, the eating part is fairly simple. The key is in understanding nutrients and how much our bodies needs of each, everyday. Similar to studying a diet regime, all you have to do keep track of it. To simplify it even more, we went ahead and broke it down for you.

Note: This information offers as a guide but benefits and sources are not exhaustive, there are other benefits and sources of these nutrients that we have not mentioned in this chart.

Daily Nutrient intake

CARBS ARE COOL – Yes, you heard right… Carbs! Despite what your diet may devise, don’t deprive yourself of carbs. Carbohydrates pump energy to our muscles and brain and without them, our strength and energy levels would plummet. Carbs should make up 50% of our daily intake, we suggest you split up your dosage between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great sources include: Fruits, nuts, brown rice, potatoes, whole-grain cereals and/or breads.

PROTEINS A PLUS – Proteins work to build and repair our tissues, muscles, red blood cells, as well as fight off infections. Protein should make up 20% of our daily diet. You can make some great protein snacks and/or meals with nuts, Greek yogurt, granola, chicken, fish, legumes, and eggs. Check out our instagram for great snacks filled with protein, such as, our no-bake granola bars.

DON’T FEAR THE FAT – We know, we said the “f” word but don’t stop reading! Beach season is upon us and the intake of dietary fats will have our skin and hair looking luminous under the sun. Fats are important because they strengthen our cells and allow our bodies to absorb vitamins. Incorporate fats in 20% of your daily diet with whole milk, coconut oil, avocado, chicken, beans, salmon, or walnuts.

VITAMIN-YES – Vitamins are powerful and there are so many of them that enhance and sustain our bodily functions. Refer to our Vitamins 101 blog post for a detailed chart of the essential vitamins our bodies need along with each one’s benefits and sources. This guide can also help you sculpt the perfect plate of carbs, proteins, and fats, so you can be sure you are getting your all your nutrients.

Ditch the diet and listen to your body. Deprivation is not healthy but acquiring your body with the right nutrients to do its job will reward you come summer!