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It’s National Chocolate Day — Try These 12 Decadent Chocolatey Treats

Around the holidays it seems most people are ALWAYS looking for an extra excuse or reason to scarf down some sweet delights. Here at Dash, we’re ALL here to encourage that behavior! With our delicious “Hot Chocolate Chaffles” in our new Keto Chaffle E-Book, we’ve got all low-carb lovers covered. 

If you’re less interested in going into Ketosis, and more interested in the dessert spread, we’ve got you covered too! Without further ado, our 12 favorite chocolate recipes, that have us swooning. There’s one for every diet/ palate in your bunch:

  1. “I Can’t Believe These Are Healthy” Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

The name says it all. No, it’s not butter we can’t believe in. This time, it’s these HEALTHY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! They’re unbelievable and perfect to cook in your Dash Mini Griddle.

 2. Chocolate Chip Shots

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Milk shots are way healthier than liquor —we know that for sure! Plus, these adorable picturesque treats will be perfect for your next Insta-worthy toast —kids included.

  1. DIY Chocolate

This here is the real deal. If you’re serious about unprocessing everything you eat, we’ve found just the thing for you. Start whipping up your own homemade chocolate and you’ll give Hershey’s a run for their money in no time.

4. Chocolate Fat Bombs

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

This all started with the hot chocolate chaffle, but we love our Keto friends so much we couldn’t help but add another keto staple to this roundup. Chocolate fat bombs!

5.   Vegan Chocolate Bars

Home made, perfect ingredients, what’s not to love? Oh, and they’re cruelty free.

6.   Vegan Chocolate Cake

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Vegan cake is always touted as being dry and undesirable. This moist, chocolatey, perfection is exactly the opposite. 

7.    Paleo Chocolate Chunks

These are perfect for the Paleo-health-conscious in your bunch. These chunks will be a hit with everyone, without anyone realizing just how healthy they are.

8.    Chocolate Halloween Mice

We know it’s almost the sweetest holiday of the year — Halloween! Get festive and wow your family with these spooky shaped chocolate creatures.

9.   Jumbo Dark Chocolate Cookies

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Jumbo chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks in them, fresh out of the oven. Enough said.

10. Chocolate Pizza

Pizza is always a crowd favorite, but give it a chocolatey makeover and serve it up as a surprising dessert for extra pizazz.

11. Chocolate Dipped Fruit Kabobs

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Healthy and way more cost effective than an edible arrangement, this DIY recipe is one you won’t want to miss. Plus, it’s super easy!

12. Chocolate Pillows

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

These fluffy pillows are a chocolate lover’s dream. Every bite is more comforting and cushiony than your favorite body pillow, guaranteed. 

Try any of these out? Share it with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and use #unprocessyourfoods!  

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