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From the catwalk to the kitchen™

Be the diva of grilled cheese. From the catwalk to your kitchen, this sandwich press makes diamond-shaped sandwiches that are grilled to perfection in minutes.  

You don’t blend in, and neither does Kitchen Couture.

Featuring controlled heating elements for precise cooking, the Dash Kitchen Couture Sandwich Maker is designed to perfect your sandwich every single time. Dual nonstick surfaces clean easily to eliminate build-up for long-term use, and a heat-safe handle lets you adjust or check your ingredients without concern. To complete your creation, 4 beautiful diamond-shaped cooking surfaces press a crisp design on every sandwich.

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express yourself

Your personal taste should never be sacrificed for an appliance, and that’s why this sandwich maker is created to help make a variety of recipes. Take your Kitchen Couture Sandwich Maker to the next level and use the cooking surfaces to prepare smaller portions of stir fry, or even fry an egg or two! Make individual servings of almost anything and let the sandwich maker work for you.