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Meal Prep Tips & Tricks

Meal Prep Tips & Tricks


So, what’s the best way to start meal prepping?

Often the idea of preparing meals for the entire week can sound pretty overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of meal prep tips and tricks so you don’t have to spend your entire Sunday in the kitchen.

  1. Keep it simple. There’s no need to go crazy with experimenting if you don’t have the time. Start with what you know and go from there! We like starting with a single recipe, instead of two or three to compose one meal. Check out this list of single recipe meal prep ideas.

  2. Have the right tools to make prepping easier. Investing in a rice cooker or an air fryer can make the cooking process so much faster, plus you don’t have to worry about all those pots and pans!

  3. Only buy the ingredients that you need. Sticking to a list can be helpful and keep you from buying items that you don’t need. In the case of meal prep, less is definitely more.

  4. If you really don’t have time, try some simple shortcuts that will save you from buying takeout. It’s always good to have ingredients on hand that you can throw together last minute. No need to turn on your oven, this method involves compiling ingredients together into a healthy and satisfying meal. Try mixing and matching with the ingredients below:

    • Hard boiled eggs (try using an egg cooker to make multiple hard boiled eggs at once!)

    • Peanut butter and carrots/cucumber slices

    • Veggies & hummus

    • Nuts like almonds and walnuts

    • Beef jerky

    • Yogurt cups (organic versions, the other kinds are packed with sugar)

    • Homemade energy bites

    • These turkey veggie snack wraps

  5. Take it easy on yourself. Meal prepping is a process, and sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day! To make things easier, sometimes it helps to block out small chunks of time on the weekends so you don’t feel overwhelmed by having to prep everything in one day.

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