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Dash Chef Series Vacuum Blender


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Vacuum blending technology powerfully combines ingredients to unlock essential nutrients, without sacrificing flavor and texture. The result is a velvety consistency that makes us wonder why we haven’t used a vacuum blender from the very beginning. While regular blenders tend to produce foam, which causes discomfort and prevents the body from absorbing nutrients properly, the Dash Chef Series Vacuum Blender removes air from the pitcher to give your beverage a refreshing, smooth quality.
Enjoy blending everything from fruit smoothies, to purées, to the creamiest soups you’ve ever tasted. The Dash Chef Series Vacuum Blender makes the simplest recipes all the more delicious so you can feel and perform at your best all day long.

Features & Benefits

Powerful vacuum blending technology combines ingredients to create a delicious, velvety-smooth beverage.
Three convenient functions allow the user to alternate between vacuuming ingredients and blending for a variety of beverage and storage options.
Vacuum Storage Jar included specifically for re-vacuuming and storing previously prepared smoothies and juices.
Blending Jar holds up to 1.5 liters of blended beverage.
Stainless steel blade set crushes and blends a wide variety of ingredients.
800 Watts.

Additional information

Weight 11.45 lbs
Dimensions 8.2 × 7.1 × 17.7 in

Graphite, Red