Dash Rapid Skillet 12"

Dash Rapid Skillet 12"


Cooking, serving, and cleaning are made easy with the Dash 12-Inch Rapid Skillet. A smaller 12-inch size is perfect for counter-top cooking. Braise, simmer, scramble, sear and sauté all in ONE pan. A nonstick surface prevents food from sticking and keeps the process clean. Prepare recipes with the turn of an intuitive temperature dial and enjoy the seamless cooking experience when using the Dash 12-Inch Rapid Skillet.

Features & Benefits

12" cooking surface with 1.5" skillet depth makes a variety of recipes. 
Nonstick cooking surface cleans easily. 
Skillet heats quickly up to 450°F for speedy meal preparation. 
Removable electric probe & cord store conveniently in the appliance after use. 
Cool-touch handles safely transport the skillet. 
Tempered glass lid conserves heat and flavor. 
1300 Watts.

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