Dash Deluxe Skillet

Dash Deluxe Skillet

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This is the skillet that feeds a crowd. Featuring a deeper 3.5” cooking well, an even heating process, and a Truglide™ nonstick cooking surface, the Dash Deluxe Skillet helps you prepare a delicious, hot meal in less time and with better results. Cool-touch handles safely transport the appliance from the kitchen to the table, and a tempered glass lid preserves flavor and conserves heat. Enjoy flipping through our recipe section for tasty, healthy dishes for the whole family.

Features & Benefits

A deeper 3.5” cooking well prepares greater quantities for groups. 
Even heating technology cooks ingredients quickly and thoroughly. 
Truglide™ non-stick cooking surface cleans easily. 
Cool-touch handles safely transport the skillet after use. 
Tempered glass lid preserves flavors and keeps heat contained. 
1400 Watts.

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