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Dash Deluxe Waffle Bowl Maker

Dash Deluxe Waffle Bowl Maker


Perfect from unique dinner ideas to delicious desserts, the Dash Waffle Bowl Maker helps you create original waffle bowls and more. With a quick heating process and zero assembly, you’ll be cooking in no time. Featuring nonstick plates that clean easily and include even heating elements, the Dash Waffle Bowl Maker helps ensure perfectly cooked results. Refer to the included recipe  booklet for more inspiration from savory to sweet, and get cooking!

Features & Benefits

Makes perfectly cooked, crispy waffle bowls and more.
Heats up quickly and evenly to preserve the perfect shape and texture.
Nonstick plates clean easily for a no mess process.
No assembly required - just plug it in and you’re ready to cook!
750 Watts.

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