Dash Double-Up Skillet & Oven

Dash Double-Up Skillet & Oven

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From perfectly fried eggs and fluffy frittatas, to mouthwatering steak fajitas and even blackberry cobbler, the Dash Double Up Skillet & Oven does it all. Featuring two 12" non-stick cooking surfaces, you can open the Dash Skillet & Oven to cook on both surfaces, or close it to bake perfectly crisped pizzas and cookie cakes. The Dash Skillet & Oven folds and stands upright for convenient storage and non-stick surfaces easily wipe clean.

Features & Benefits

Dual heating elements heat up quickly and nonstick cooking surfaces clean easily.
Opens to 180℉ on dual cooking surfaces.
Closes for baking crispy pizzas or cookie cakes.
Folds for upright storage, perfect for any kitchen countertop or cabinet.
Easy to use; just plug it in and you're ready to go.
1440 Watts.

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