Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker


It's easy to make healthy, delicious Greek yogurt right at home with the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker. Just use any type of milk and a little bit of store-bought yogurt to get started. Get all the probiotic benefits of Greek Yogurt without added sugar or preservatives. A comprehensive Recipe Guide is included along with a Quick Start dial for easy reference.

Make custom flavors, healthy gourmet treats -- and save money on store-bought Greek yogurt.  The Dash Greek Yogurt maker is an all-in-one, convenient solution to making Greek Yogurt at home. All of the components and accessories store compactly, right inside the main base.

Our exclusive design includes: large container (7.5 cups), small container (6.75 cups), container lid (fits both containers), and our unique easy-clean Greek strainer.

Features & Benefits

Prepare up to 2 quarts of delicious Greek yogurt. 
Includes 2 BPA-free buckets (1.5 quarts per bucket), with lids. 
LCD display with custom timer and cord storage. 
Cooking time is 8-12 hours - includes a recipe guide, manual, and quick-start guide.
20 Watts.


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