Dash Mini Maker 3-Pack (Black, White, Red)

Dash Mini Maker 3-Pack (Black, White, Red)


From fried eggs to hash brown waffles this Mini Maker 3-Pack does it all. Featuring a  Mini Maker Grill, Griddle, and Waffle maker, these cute, compact appliances make individual sized meals, snacks, and treats. Precise heating cooks ingredients evenly for delicious results, and dual nonstick cooking surfaces clean easily. Whether preparing dinner, or looking for a snack on the go, the Mini Makers heat quickly. Store all three appliances conveniently on a countertop or in your kitchen cabinets; the Mini Makers are compact and perfect from apartments to dorm rooms. With no assembly necessary, simply plug in your Mini Maker and you're ready to cook!

Features & Benefits

Compact size fits neatly in any kitchen space. 
4” nonstick cooking surfaces heat evenly and quickly. 
Zero assembly: just plug them in and you’re ready to cook! 
Mini Makers come with their own recipe guide. 
3-pack includes: 1 mini waffle, 1 mini grill, and 1 mini griddle. 
3-pack color selections are available in Classic and Harvest. 
350 Watts. 

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