Dash One-Cup Coffee Maker

Dash One-Cup Coffee Maker


Enjoy a perfect cup of fresh coffee every morning, made especially for you, with the Dash One-Cup Coffee Maker. A unique appliance designated to make your pick-me-up moments as easy as possible, the Dash One-Cup Coffee Maker prepares a delicious cup of hot coffee in minutes. The 1-touch brewing system eliminates any complex array of buttons so your routine is never interrupted. We at Dash want to keep you ready and on the go! Enjoy all the benefits of a quick and complete coffee fix with the Dash One-Cup Coffee Maker featuring our simplest design yet.

Features & Benefits

Pod holder holds K-cup pods for a quick cup of coffee.
Pusher ensures a quick puncture for a smooth transition to coffee-making.
Power button is 1-touch for a simple assembly.
Water tank holds enough water for multiple cups of fresh coffee.
Water tank cover eliminates leakage.
Indicator light allows for easy control and preparation. 
700 Watts.

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