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Stocking Stuffers For Everyone


Little “stocking stuffer” gifts can be equally the easiest and hardest ones to find. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and find exactly what you’re looking for, other times you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through the internet without any great inspiration. Just us here?

To solve this holiday conundrum, we came up with our Dash list of perfect stocking stuffers. From sandwich makers to bottle openers with flair, these gifts are sure to please everyone on YOUR nice list!

Check them out below!

Mini Maker Waffle

Mini waffles in minutes, from hash brown waffles to classic Belgian waffles, this Mini Maker is a real crowd-pleaser.


Mini Maker Griddle

Make delicious pancakes, eggs, mini quesadillas, and more! Ideal for individual portions and oh so cute!


Mini Maker Grill

Satisfy every grill-season craving with the Mini Maker that helps you prepare juicy burgers and grilled veggies all year long.


Snowflake Mini Maker Waffle

The most festive Mini Maker we’ve ever come across, plus who doesn’t love their fluffy waffles with a dusting of powdered sugar “snow”?


Smartstore Hand Mixer

The only hand mixer that can tackle all your Christmas cookie-making tasks.


Express Pocket Sandwich Maker

Take a breather and transport yourself to Italy with the product that makes calzones and paninis whenever you want!


Mini Rice Cooker

Make more than just rice with the rice cooker that helps you prepare dishes from macaroni and cheese to chocolate cake!


Rapid Egg Cooker

The champion of breakfast for a breakfast of champions! Make perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs, omelettes, and poached eggs in minutes.


Pop Top Bottle Openers

These bottle openers are as useful as they are pretty. The ultimate accessory for all your holiday parties!


My Pint Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream done your way. Anytime of year!