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The Dash to Gifting Greatness


While the Holidays can be magical, they can also bring a little stress. Cooking, cleaning, and shopping…

Well, we’ve developed a fun little quiz you can take to help pick the PERFECT GIFT for your loved ones. All you have to do is answer the following questions and keep track of your answers and at the end we’ll tell you exactly the right gift to give your friend!



Does your friend have a sweet tooth?

A. Only for the fanciest of sweets

B. Not particularly

C. Only after a nutritious meal

D. The whole family has sweet teeth

E. They would eat candy for breakfast if it was socially acceptable



Does your friend cook for themselves a lot?

A. All the time and they’re pretty good at it

B. They would burn cereal if it was possible

C. Yes, but I bet they could use a little help

D. They cook for an army of family and friends

E. Yes, and they’re the sloppiest cooks ever



Which meal is their favorite?

A. A well-prepared dinner

B. Quick breakfast

C. Any meal as long as it’s healthy

D. Any meal that gets the whole family together

E. Brunch. Definitely brunch



How would you describe their kitchen?

A. Sleek and professional

B. A safety hazard!

C. Cute and modern

D. Big. Just, big.

E. Organized



If your friend had a kitchen show, what would it be called?

A. Kitchen Pro

B. Kitchen Hacks

C. Easy Simple Cooking

D. For the Family

E. Tasty Treats



If your friend could only eat one thing for the rest of their lives, what would it be?

A. Perfectly cooked steak

B. Lox and Bagels

C. Wings

D. Do their kids get a vote?

E. Waffles



Would you call your friend a health-nut?

A. Not particularly, but they aren’t unhealthy either

B. I’d call my friend an “eat what’s easy” nut

C. A bit, yeah

D. Since they had kids, yes

E. Nope



Pick a profession that describes your friend in the kitchen.

A. An accountant

B. A demolition expert

C. An economist

D. A zookeeper

E. An event planner




Mostly A’s


Your friend is a wizard in the kitchen and would appreciate a Dash Chef Series Sous Vide Circulator . This accurate sous vide stick can help perfectly cook any dish!

mostly b’s

mostly b’s

Your friend is likely to burn toast. Why not give them a Dash Clear View Toaster ? With a glass front panel you can watch your toast cook so you never over-do it!

Mostly C’s

Mostly C’s

Your friend is sensible in the kitchen and could use an appliance that not only helps keep things healthy, but is also fun and easy to use. The Dash Digital Compact Air Fryer helps cut fat up to 80% and is versatile enough for everything from wings to cakes.

Mostly D’s

Mostly D’s

Your friend cooks for a lot of people at once and could use some help. With a 6 quart capacity, the Dash Family Air Fryer is perfect for preparing larger portions while making fried foods healthy. Plus, this baby comes with the Dash air frying cookbook, Air Frying For Everyone!


Mostly E’s

  They may be a little messy but your friend knows their way around breakfast. The    Dash No Mess Waffle Maker    can help them dominate that Sunday morning brunch without creating a massive mess.

They may be a little messy but your friend knows their way around breakfast. The Dash No Mess Waffle Maker can help them dominate that Sunday morning brunch without creating a massive mess.

A mix of A’s and B’s

Mostly E’s

Your friend is a pro in the kitchen but doesn’t have a bunch of time for home-cooked meals. The Dash Collapsible Silicone Storage is perfect for meal prep masters.

A mix of B’s and C’s

A mix of B’s and C’s

Your friend is not the savviest in the kitchen but still loves to cook. A Dash Express Mini Chopper is the perfect helper for any recipe.

A mix of D’s and Es

A mix of D’s and Es

Your friend has a lot of mouths to feed and they love sweets! The Dash Deluxe Ice Cream Maker would be a perfect holiday treat!


Bonus gift Idea: Dash Mini Makers come in our
Bow & Go packaging which gives you everything you need
for the perfect little stocking stuffer.