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Top 10 Must-Have Dash Gifts for Dad


With Father’s Day weekend upon us, it’s time to find the gift that’ll make this year memorable. To help you put a smile on Dad’s face, the Dash team assembled a list of this year’s smash hits.



The Dash Chef Series Digital Blender is the ultimate, professional blender to bring out Dad’s inner chef. Eight unique presets will allow him to make smoothies, frozen cocktails, purees, fondue, and more, while the rinse setting cleans the blender automatically, and the soup setting can mix a hot blend without ever using the stove. The Chef Series Digital Blender’s 64 oz Tritan® jug is incredibly durable, and the 6-point Japanese stainless steel blades won’t dull, making even the toughest nuts or grains easy to grind. This unconventional, high-capacity blender can make Dad’s kitchen dreams come true.


Dash Mini Maker Set of 3


From fried eggs to grilled sandwiches and waffles, this Mini Maker 3-Pack will make Dad’s dreams come true! Featuring a Mini Maker Grill, Griddle, and Waffle Maker, these compact appliances make individual portions for delicious snacks and treats. All three Mini Makers heat evenly for perfect results, and dual nonstick cooking surfaces release food easily and make cleaning simple. No assembly necessary, simply plug in the Mini Maker and cook!


Deluxe Ice Cream Maker Red1


Make Dad scream for ice cream this Father’s Day by giving him a way to prepare delicious frozen treats at home! Capable of making up to a full quart of ice cream at once, this is the ideal ice cream maker for Father’s Day and beyond. Simply freeze the cooling bowl overnight, add the ingredients, plug it in, and turn on. Great for ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and more, the Deluxe Ice Cream Maker comes with a pour spout that allows for the addition of chocolate chips, fresh fruit, and more while churning. The splash guard prevents spilling and easily detaches for cleaning.


Dash Omelette Maker Red 1


Give the gift of delicious omelettes, frittatas, pizza pockets, and more this Father’s Day with the Dash Omelette Maker. With an indicator light that turns on when the griddle is at full temperature, it’s be ready to cook in just minutes. The non-stick coating ensures that food releases cleanly for easy serving and clean-up.


Dash Compact Air Fryer Black 2


Help Dad make healthier fried food in his own kitchen with the Dash Compact Air Fryer. AirCrisp® technology circulates air to cook food thoroughly without the oil and mess of a standard fryer, reducing added fat by 80% while maintaining flavor. Simply plug in the fryer, set the timer, and you’re ready to go! Half the weight of a standard fryer, it can cook Dad’s favorite sweet potato fries, spicy chicken wings, vegetables, and more in less time than it takes to preheat an oven.


Dash Dual Citrus Juicer White 1


Give Dad the gift of waking up to an easy cup of fresh juice using the Dash Dual Citrus Juicer! The auto-reversing electric reamer comes with two attachments for different sized fruits, and adjustable pulp control ensures any desired quantity. The 25 oz container comes with a spout for pouring, and is refrigerator-friendly for storage. Simply plug in and push down on the reamer to use, and Dad will be enjoying healthier juice in no time.


Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Red 1


Dad will love the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker’s ability to deliver perfectly-cooked eggs in less time than it takes to boil water on the stove! Eggs cook in minutes and the auto-shut off feature prevents overcooking so you never have to worry about monitoring the process. Nonstick, dishwasher-safe accessories include an omelette bowl, 2-egg poaching tray, and boiling tray for a variety of egg preferences.


Dash Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker Aqua 1


Give Dad the ability to make fresh, delicious popcorn in minutes with the Dash Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker! The hot air system reduces added oil and quickly cooks up to 16 cups of fresh popcorn, great for gatherings large or small. The included measuring cup doubles as a butter melting tray, keeping Dad ready to serve movie-theater-style popcorn the moment it’s finished. Just measure the kernels, add them to the heating chamber, and push the button to start!


Dash Rapid Cold Brew System 3


If Dad enjoys coffee, he’ll love nothing more than the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System! Quicker than any other cold brew system on the market, the system makes delicious cold brew in just 5 minutes. Using our cold boil technology, brew up to 7 servings at a time or make 16 servings of cold brew concentrate to mix into beverages or save for later. Coffee beans are never heated during the brewing process, so Dad will enjoy his coffee’s natural flavor without added bitterness. The reusable locking filter screen keeps coffee ground-free and saves money on filters. Dad will love his cold caffeinated treat, prepared in just a few minutes!


Dash Chef Series Digital Sous Vide 1


Dad will cherish the tools to create perfectly-cooked gourmet meals in his own kitchen with the Dash Chef Series Digital Sous Vide. The innovative, magnetic-driven rapid water circulation system allows ingredients to cook evenly and thoroughly while maintaining up to 40% more moisture than a standard pan sear. The digital sensor-touch display allows precise temperature control up to 194°F for the perfect cook on meat, fish, vegetables, and more. Seal up ingredients using the included vacuum pump and starter bags to lock in savory flavors without drying or overcooking. The ample 8.5 quart capacity fits a range of ingredients, so Dad can bring restaurant-quality dining to his family and guests.