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20 Gifts Under $20


When it comes to gift giving, sometimes a little goes a long way. A great Secret Santa gift can make your coworkers holiday, and stocking stuffers can be anyone’s favorite gift of the year. Who doesn’t feel proud to bring the grab-bag gift that everyone fights over?

We’ve made a list of our favorite 20 products that are $20 and under, so you can gift smarter and better when it comes to those little last-minute presents.

Guess who’s winning Secret Santa this year? You are.


Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Hard boiled eggs in minutes? Sign us up! In fact, sign everybody up!

Get it here.

Dash Mini Maker Waffle

Perfectly cute. Perfectly useful. And perfect for gifting.

Get it here.


Dash Candy Maker

A great present for anyone with a sweet tooth. Included Dash Bow & Go packaging so you can gift easily!

Get it here.


Dash Smartstore Hand Mixer

This kitchen helper can handle the big jobs without taking up space! Christmas cookie mania has officially begun.

Get it here.


Dash Mini Rice Cooker

This rice cooker makes rice, sure, but did you know you can also make mac & cheese and cakes?

Get it here.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 12.51.32 PM.png

Dash My Pint Ice Cream Maker

A fun, easy way to make homemade ice cream? Check. The perfect stocking stuffer? Check.

Get it here.


Dash Dual Citrus Juicer

Use it to make fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning! Or have the person you gave it to make you a citrus-y beverage!

Get it here.


Dash Mini Maker Grill

A great gift for college students, anyone with limited counter space, or a budding chef!

Get it here.


Dash Sport Blender

This little blender transports easily anywhere you travel!

Get it here.


Dash Pocket Sandwich Maker

One of our favorite kitchen gadgets. Great for mini calzones, paninis, empanadas and more!

Get it here.


Dash Mini Maker Griddle

Give the gift of griddle! This cute, compact, little griddle will satisfy your breakfast cravings any time of day!

Get it here.


Dash Rapid Peeler

Give this to someone before they start peeling potatoes for twenty people and be a holiday hero!

Get it here.


Dash Waffle Bowl Maker

Everyone loves an ice cream sundae and the Waffle Bowl Maker is perfect for creating your own special treats. Even make a taco bowl!

Get it here.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 3.00.55 PM.png

Dash Express Waffle Maker

The gift that says “I’m coming over next weekend for brunch!” Works for everyone.

Get it here.


Dash Everyday Egg Cooker

Boils 7 eggs in minutes! Also comes with omelet and poaching trays for everyone’s personal egg preferences.

Get it here.


Dash Mini Snowflake Waffle Maker

Let it snow waffles! Make adorable snowflake waffles and let your Instagram post speak for itself.

Get it here.

DMG8100AQ_lifestyle copy.jpg

Dash Express Griddle

Make breakfast in a dash! Then make quesadillas, burgers, pancakes, shrimp scampi…the possibilities are endless!

Get it here.


Dash Heart Mini Maker Waffle

We can’t think of a better stocking stuffer, except for maybe two of them!

Get it here.


One Pot Meals

We’re finishing off the list with two of our favorite cookbooks by Dash. One Pot Meals gives you simple ideas for healthy meals you can make in your Dash Mini Rice Cooker.

Get it here.

AirFryer Cookbook Amazon_3.jpg

Air Frying For Everyone

Find recipes from appetizers to dinners to desserts, all made with your air fryer. The perfect solution to weeknight dinner boredom.

Get it here.

Max Schneider