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Squeeze The Day!


Do you feel that? It’s spring! 

Hey! Max from Dash here. With the weather warming up, it’s time to rotate our wardrobes, pull the fans out of the closet, and trade our winter comfort foods for crisp summer fruits and veggies.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of blended drinks but more than that, I really love making my own juices. 

I grew up on the ultra-sugary, store-bought stuff, and assumed homemade juice would either be too difficult, too expensive, or just not taste as good. 

Now that I’m a little older and wiser, I’ve invested in a good juicer and discovered how inexpensive and easy making my own juices can be. The added benefit is that the juice I make myself is roughly ten bajillion times better than the stuff at the supermarket.

I’ve thrown some of my favorite fruity juice recipes below. If you’re as shocked as I am by how easy these recipes are, check out our Dash Dual Citrus Juicer. I swear by it.


Blood Orange Juice
2 blood oranges
4 oranges
Juice in your juicer and enjoy! (Yup it’s that easy)

Raspberry Lemonade
1 cup raspberry tea
3 lemons
Juice lemons in juicer.
Add lemon juice to raspberry tea.

Orange Grapefruit Juice
3 grapefruits
5 oranges
Juice in your juicer and enjoy!

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