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Food Blogs We Love!


Here at Dash, we are passionate about food! That may sound weird to say, because of course we are, but seriously. We. Love. Food. This means we love exploring and digging deep into other food blogs, sites, and magazines to share and find new inspiration!

We’ve picked some of our favorite spots for you to check out! 

1. New York Mag, The Grub Street Diet

Alissa Nutting makes a “condiment volcano”. Ty Burrell looooves dark chocolate. The CEO of Soul Cycle makes pancakes every Sunday. Want to find out what your favorite celebrity eats for breakfast? Find it here.

2. The Petite Cook

Food is personal and this is what I love about the Petite Cook. She makes every recipe special.

She breaks down her site into easy sections like blog, recipe and video. It’s great because sometimes I’m at the store and can’t watch a whole video, sometimes I really wish there was a video, and sometimes I’m just looking to read a bit and get inspired. The Petite Cook does it all.

3.  The Plant-Based Cooking Show

You might have guessed from the name that this is a vegan blog. However, it’s more than that. This is about replacing some of the less-healthy stuff that we put into our bodies with nutrient-rich, whole foods. 

I’m not a vegan, but from time to time I dip my feet into the pool and cook a vegan recipe. This blog will help guide you through the process of healthy, plant-based cooking. 

Check out this post she wrote about eating for less than $10 a day. 

4. Dash Community Blog

It may seem a little bold to put our own blog on this list, but writing is a labor of love and if we didn’t love our own blog we wouldn’t be writing it. This is, after all, a post about our favorites. 

And now for a recipe…

This smoothie recipe is perfect for starting your day off right. Easy and full of protein and power, you’ll stay full and feel amazing all morning!

Key Lime Protein Smoothie

1 frozen banana
¼ cup Greek yogurt
1 cup almond milk
1 tbsp almonds
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tsp lime zest
1 tsp honey
2 scoops plant based protein powder
½ cup ice cubes
Blend all ingredients until smooth. 

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