The Essential Vitamins We Need Everyday


“You need your vitamins!” is a statement that’s been reiterated to us since we were all chowing down on those Flintstones chewables. To some it’s been so repeated it may carry little meaning -- because what exactly do vitamins do anyway? And what vitamins do we actually need everyday? Well, the benefits are lengthy, but we went ahead and simplified all this vita-talk in a chart of the essentials.

Note: This chart offers as a guide but benefits and sources are not exhaustive, there are other benefits and sources of these vitamins that we have not mentioned in this chart.



Don’t let this flood of information intimidate you from becoming vita-rich; begin by picking your favorite recommended food for each vitamin. With a better understanding of vitamins and their importance, it makes sense why our mothers, teachers, and doctors hounded us to get them to keep our bodies functioning at their best.


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