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10 Post-Orchard Apple Recipes To Make This Fall

An apple a day does a lot more than just keep the doctor away! They’re rich in nutrients and phytonutrients that are known for reducing the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and so much more. You can put down the processed Fiber One granola bars, with no worries, because apples are chocked full of fiber! They’ll fix your breath and whiten your teeth, but this isn’t an excuse to put down the toothpaste/ toothbrush anytime soon.

The start of October means fall is just getting into full swing. There’s nothing better than giving your life an autumnal makeover. Sometimes it’s better to have things a little extra cozy. The colors and thermostats get warmer, the shorts get stuffed to the back of the closet and everything gets a pumpkin/ apple makeover. Plus, there’s no better excuse to take a trip to the orchard than delicious apple recipes!  Here are our top 1o post orchard must-tries:


  1. Curried Butternut Squash Apple Soup—for when it’s sweater weather, and you’re feeling extra cozy!

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There’s really only one downside to fall. It’s that heinous sniffle and tickle in your throat that always seems to come right as the seasons change. Soup is never not helpful.

  1. Apple Nachos—they’re just as fun as they sound. Nachos, but make them healthy. Extra creativity points for experimenting with different toppings.
  1. Baked Apples With Fennel—because fennel is another obvious fall recipe staple! Savory and sophisticated? We like it! Pair with your favorite fall cider for added cozy bliss.

  2. Pan-Seared Sausage With Lady Apples—a combination that dares to top sausage and bacon!

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Lady apples might go better with sausage than eggs. There, we said it.


  1. Vegan Apple Crisp—for the non-sausage eaters.  So scrumptious and delicious, it’ll taste even better knowing it’s cruelty free!
  1. Apple Cookies—skip the run to Insomnia Cookies, you’ll thank us later.

    Photo Credits: Shutterstock

    Because every recipe roundup needs cookies. Period.


7.  Apple Pie Chips—Who doesn’t love snack time?  Crunchy, and totally snackable, these chips are the perfect thing to pack for fall work lunch OR in your kids’ lunch boxes.

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

8.  Keto Apple Tart—Low in carbs, high in flavor. 

Yes, this dessert is delicious AND it will keep your macros in check.



9. Paleo Apple Pie Bars—Cook it like the cavemen. 

Three words. Almond butter crust.

10.  Honey Ham Gouda Apple Quesadillas—Enough said!

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Use your Dash griddles for fall festivities! This combination is so mouth-watering, it would be a waste of your Dash Mini Maker Griddle if you DIDN’T try it.

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