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Breakfast In Bed Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Breakfast in Bed Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Servings: 4-6 Time: 20 Minutes

It’s Saturday morning and you wake up to the sun seeping through the crack of your curtains as well as to an unsolicited growl in your stomach. You’re thinking it’s the perfect morning for breakfast in bed but lay there wondering, hm what should I eat?

The answer? Intertwine cozily in your sheets with a stack of our signature cottage cheese pancakes. Packed with tons of protein, vitamins, and calcium, these pancakes prevail over the rest, and you wouldn’t even know they’re made with cheese! One bite is all it takes to be be whisked away to a pancake utopia. Not to mention, you won’t be left in a 3-hour coma afterwards.

Breakfast in Bed Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Bed Cottage Cheese Pancakes


1 cup cottage cheese
6 eggs, well beaten
6 tbsp all-purpose flour
6 tbsp canola margarine or butter, melted


Beat the cottage cheese with a whisk or hand mixer until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and beat until well combined.

Preheat a skillet over medium or medium high heat. Lightly grease skillet and place the batter in big spoonfuls onto the cooking surface.

Cook until the bottoms are lightly browned and the edges look firm. Then flip to finish cooking the other side.

Serve with your favorite fruit. Pairs best with maple syrup, honey or jam.