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Dash Teams Up With Good360 To Rebuild Louisiana Flood Victims’ Homes

Dash Teams Up with Good360 to Rebuild Louisiana Flood Victims’ Homes

The first hours and days after a tragedy strikes are crucial to rebuilding a community. People and organizations across the world come together to generously offer funds, immediate need products, and support. But often, the long term recovery process is ignored. Enter Good360. 


Good360 is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that pairs companies holding onto excess inventory with charitable organizations to donate the products, goods, or services that they need. The company delivers more than $300 million in product donations to more than 60,000 nonprofit members annually, and has moved upwards of $9 billion worth of goods since 1983. While the organization is cause neutral, they have a niche for aiding in disaster relief. 

Good360 recently partnered with volunteers from All Hands & Hearts – Smart Response to help rebuild homes in the Baton Rouge, LA area suffering after devastating floods over the summer of 2016. The floods were the result of an unnamed storm (versus a named hurricane) and occurred during a time when the media was dominated by election year stories.

These dynamics presented a challenge when gaining support, which only prolonged relief efforts while conditions worsened. Almost 2 years later, the area is still struggling to recuperate. With help from volunteers at All Hands & Hearts, as well as donations from various home goods organizations, Good360 was able to help remodel and restock over 30 homes in just three short days, returning a sense of normalcy to the affected families. 

Dash is incredibly honored to be one of the many companies with the opportunity to donate goods to this tremendous relief effort. We were able to send 400 kitchen electrics, food storage/prep items, and clothing irons down to Louisiana so families affected by the floods could eat, and feel, like they’re at home again. We are so grateful for the Good360 team for giving us the opportunity to do our part!

Eat Good. Feel Good. Do good.

Check out Good360  on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to find out more about how you can help!

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