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Game Day, But Make It Healthy—11 Recipes To Celebrate The Next Big Win

We’re five weeks into the NFL season, and every true fan knows a game can’t be celebrated without snacks and libations. With all the bar viewings and delicious apps, your health has probably been taking the back seat. Even non-football fans aren’t safe, because everyone knows the highlight of any game day party for the “sports averse” is the amazing food.

With twelve weeks left in the season, a touchdown can’t be celebrated without ample dips, wings, chips, and so much more. Here at Dash, we like to focus on wellness that starts in the kitchen. We preach #unprocessyourfoods, but it’s just about time to #unprocessyoursnacks too. You’ll know every ingredient going into the dish, and every ingredient going into your mouth. No stress, no guilt. Check out our top 10 healthy game day alternatives:

  1. Healthy Taco Dip — The kind of dip that’ll have you reaching for seconds.

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Make this dip when everyone is craving tortilla chips, or just eat it with a spoon, we’re not here to judge.

  1. Buffalo Pork Chops — Because who needs wings?

This recipe will be a curveball, in just the right kind of way. No wings, no problems. The pork chops will bring a perfect twist to this game day classic.

  1. Air Fryer Ranch Chickpeas — So good, you won’t be able to put them down. 

Snacks are a necessity for making it through those commercial breaks.

  1. Air Fryer Veggie Fries — Veggie platters are so last year.

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

These fries are like a two-for-one time-saver. They’re like a veggie platter and french fries combined into an ideal healthy snack.


  1. Oil Free Garlic Parm ChipsSkip the grocery store and make your chips at home in the air fryer!

Photo Credits: Shutterstock


Impress your guests, with home-made potato chips. They’ll be shocked when there’s no Lay’s in sight.

  1. Air Fryer Taquitos — No football party is complete without them!

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Classic frozen food made fresh is always scrumptious. Taquitos are a game day staple!

7. Bang Bang Panko Breaded Air Fryer Shrimp — So delicious, they’ll taste like you just made a game-winning pass — applause included (from your hungry guests, that is)!

Shock your taste buds with a BANG. Healthy, air fried, panko breadcrumbs, this recipe can do no wrong.

8. Bacon Wrapped Sriracha Lime Chicken Bites — They’re gone already? No worries, they’re so easy to make you’ll be able to make a second batch in no time!

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Anything bacon wrapped is automatically delicious. Enough said.

9. Almond & Great Northern Bean Fondue — Proof healthy never has to be boring.

Cheese fondue gets a protein packed makeover with this recipe. This one will definitely score with all your guests AND picky eaters.

10. 10 Minute Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas — These griddle treats are the perfect blend of melty, delicious cheese and fresh veggies.

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

A quesadilla classic that’s always a crowd favorite, your Dash Mini Maker Griddle will be perfect to whip these up.

11. Simple Avocado & Hummus Mini Quesadillas — Two iconic dips, in one easy quesadilla.

Everyone’s two favorite dips in quesadilla form. When it comes to this recipe, guac would definitely not be extra. 

Next time your team gets a touchdown, be sure to share your food-filled celebration with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and use #unprocessyourfoods!  

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