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We’d Be Terrified To Celebrate Halloween Without These 15 Spooky Snacks

It’s finally that time of year! Whether your entire wardrobe has recently taken a trip to the dark side, or every corner of your life has gone pumpkin spice, you’re probably celebrating spooky season. Every kid (and kid-at-heart) knows they can count down to the end of the month, to the biggest costume candy bash of the year!

All those processed sweets can be hard on your stomach AND your teeth, and your skin might not be the biggest fan of all those artificial ingredients and sweeteners either! That leaves you in a pretty frightful dilemma. Here at Dash, we want you to make the most of your spooky celebrations by feeling your best and looking your best. We decided to round-up our 15 fright fest favs that’ll have you feeling good enough to strike a halloween pose. 

  1. Avocado Zombie Bars

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Put down that avocado toast, you’re SCARING us. Instead, spook your guests out with these festive Zombie Bars.

 2. Homemade Candy Bars

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

 Skip the drug store candy aisle! These candy bars give the same “home-made DIY” feel as the Blair Witch Project, but WAY more delicious. You’ll thank us later. 

  1. Raw Vegan Witch Fingers

For all your favorite crystal carrying, energy sensing, healing vegans. Just don’t leave one of these lying out in the office, or you’ll give someone a fright!

4. Psycho Pumpkin Milkshake

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

This is the kind of shake that’ll have you feeling spooky healthy in the AM. We picture Patrick Bateman starting his day with this one, the protein from the almond milk could fuel his ravenous exercise routine, while the pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, giving him that KILLER eyesight.

5. Chicken Garlic Vampire Dip

Sink your teeth into this vampire repellant dip and get that immortal vampire glow! Garlic is antimicrobial and antifungal, infamous for its antioxidants that promote longevity of life. Just don’t go for any vampire kisses after, your breath might scare away your next bite.

6. Cinnamon Cider Candy Apples

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Pair with Jordan Peele’s “Us”, and you’ll have seen enough red for a lifetime. *Cue the spooky music*.

7.  Caramel Corn

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Everyone’s favorite carnival treat gets a healthy makeover. Finally, caramel corn with ingredients that won’t scare you!

8. Chocolate Dipped Fruit

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Dipping this recipe in chocolate is 1,000% more fun if the chocolate is in a spooky cauldron. Witch hat optional, but great for effect!

9. Garlic Parm Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

The highlight of any pumpkin carving session, add spices and cheese to take this seasonal classic to the next level.

10. Orange Date Pumpkin Bread

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

If Edward Scissorhands were here, he’d be happy to cut you a slice of this delicious pumpkin bread.

11. Sage Marshmallows

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Sage the room to clear away the lingering ghostly ghouls’ spirits of your home’s past. Once the air is clear, make these Marshmallows to celebrate being spook free.

12. Spiced Pumpkin Cookies

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

This recipe will ensure Halloween is a pumpkin spice fright night!

13. Eyeball Pasta

Spooky enough to have Michael Meyers hiding behind his mask, and delicious enough to satisfy him too! This is the perfect Halloween evening entree.

14. Spider Web Chocolate Bars

We’d happily RUN into a haunted house full of these spider webs. (As long as there’s no scary-fear-eating clown inside, sorry Georgie).

15. Healthy Silly Apple Bites

No one likes the house that gives out apples during trick or treating! If you don’t want to get egged, we’ve got you with these healthy AND exciting snacks for kids.

If you’re feeling spooky enough to try one of these recipes, share it with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and use #unprocessyourfoods!  

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